The Government of Gujarat has implemented the establishment of "Innovation clubs" across numerous colleges throughout the state, with the aim of fostering the mindset of innovation among students. The Higher Education Department has recently introduced a platform called 'AmrutNavsarjan' with the aim of facilitating students in the creation of engaging games, chatbots, and other applications for problem-solving purposes. A programme called "Basics of Vernacular Innovation" was implemented to offer a series of training sessions to students. In order to provide support for the initiatives undertaken by the government, a group of students from the T.Y. B.Sc and S.Y.B.Sc (Foods and Nutrition) programmes, namely Rutu Desai, Heer Arora, and Nidhi Konkani, have developed animated videos. This project was led by Dr. Minal Chauhan, the Coordinator of the Innovation Club, with guidance and encouragement fromĀ  the College Principal,Dr. Bhavana Chauhan.

  1. Innovation Club Annual Report 2022-23
  2. Report PRABODH Training 2022-23