S.M.Patel college of Home science is the only women's college in Charutar area committed to the cause of women's empowerment through access to education through formal and non formal streams. As I take over the mantle of Principal ship, I realize that this is due to the fact that this institution was shaped by the toil and sweat of towering personalities like late Shri Bhaikaka, late Shri Bhikhabhai, late Shri H. M. Patel and late Dr. C L Patel.

Home Science is an inter disciplinary field dealing with the science and art of living. It is an integral knowledge which draws from pure,applied and social sciences as well as technology and management.The focus is preparing young women for a profession and dealing with life situations.It also placed a vital role in increasing the capacity of the family and community for a better quality of life through the competences developed through this education.